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I am a Certified Oncology Massage therapist and from my course work including both practical and theory, and an end of course exam, I have gained a further understanding of clients that have been diagnosed with an Oncology condition. 

I have studied the effects cancer can have on the body, and side effects of some prescribed cancer treatments from:


This has given me further knowledge on how to adapt and adjust my Complementary therapy sessions accordingly for each individual client. 
My therapies are not a substitute for the Oncology treatments being provided for by a hospital or for the course of treatment prescribed by your consultant.

A full consultation will be given and will include some medical notes being taken including more information from your diagnosis. 
We will discuss all issues that may be concerning you regarding having your therapy with me and how we can adjust and adapt this.

We will be covering various questions including:
Your cancer treatment history
Tumour sites or metastasis
Lymph node involvement and Surgery
Blood clots and risks 
Fragile or unstable tissue
Medical devices 
Changes in sensation

Other medical issues that may relate to a therapy being given

These sessions, can help relieve some of the symptoms that may arise from cancer and can also help with some of the side-effects of treatments prescribed they are not a remedy for cancer itself, but can be given to help:


Promote relaxation
Alleviate anxiety
Reduce Stress
Improve sleeping patterns
Reduce tension 
Some pain issues
Some skin related issues

Clients often tell me, when having their therapies that it creates for them 

“A feeling of being able to do something for themselves and 
to take back and gain a sense of control with something nice of their choice”

My therapy sessions are given alongside conventional medical treatments, and again should not be used as a substitute for the treatment recommended for them by their treating medical practitioners.

I have also studied and attended extra short courses in Clinical Aromatherapy at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London covering:
Essential Oils for skin related challenges 
Essential Oils in Cancer Care.

Oncology therapy sessions are personally adapted, times and prices can be discussed prior to your treatment.

It is recommended that clients speak to their consultant responsible for their care and treatment before booking Complementary Therapy sessions to help manage the symptoms of cancer.

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