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First treatment £50 - 60 Minutes

Consecutive treatments £45.00

Is a touch therapy that focuses on different points on our feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears that correspond with different areas of our body, working these points and areas, can help our bodies to seek and restore their own equilibrium (Balance).

A Reflexology treatment can be given to help with:

Releasing tension

Promote relaxation and general well-being

Calm emotions

Gives serenity to the mind

Sleep related problems

And many more................



Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage:

First session £45 - 40 Minutes

Consecutive treatments £40

This is a short therapy that can be given as a stand alone sequence treatment or can also be combined into a full Reflexology treatment session, using the same touch therapy on the feet or hands, these therapies can cause an effect on the drainage function of the lymphatic system, and have the potential to also affect our immune system response.

 RLD can be given to help with:

Inflammatory and auto immune conditions


Chronic fatigue



Sinus problems


Muscular tension aches and pains






Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and SECONDARY LYMPHOEDEMA:

First treatment £50 - 60 Minutes

Consecutive treatments - £45.00

RLD is a technique which can be used to help reduce secondary lymphoedema  a swelling in the arm  ( abnormal accumulation of lymph in the tissues, which occurs when the normal drainage of lymph is disrupted) following treatment for breast cancer. The aim of RLD is to stimulate the function of the lymphatic system and drain excess lymph from the damaged area this treatment uses a specific reflexology sequence for lymphatic drainage via the feet.

After breast cancer a person may experience psychological and emotional difficulties, due to an altered body image and a swollen limb can exacerbate this (Mackereth and Carter 2006).

Measurements are taken of the fluid volume of the arm before and after draining of the excess lymph via reflexology. It is usually recommended to have 4-6 sessions (1 a week) initially, with follow up appointments when needed depending on the circumstances of each client.

Some of the side effects of secondary lymphoedema include:

Pain heaviness and aching of the limb

Altered body image

Uncomfortable wearing certain clothing

Reduced mobility or range of movement                  

Loss of confidence

Skin related issues

Constant reminder of diagnosis

Gift Vouchers available for all of the above treatments, please contact me for more details.

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