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Well here I sit outside in our garden late one hot summer evening
with a glass of juice and candles lit, looking for a good “opener” to
start putting into words, my path to Sunflower Meadow, which for
me is quite hard to explain, because basically it is part of me, and
what I give from myself. This isn’t really about me but these
paragraphs kind of are (my very close friends will tell you that is my
classic saying to them “its not all about you” with lots of laughter
involved!!!) but my lovely website gurus have instructed me to do
my best, I am usually the listener and the one writing down all the
information for clients, and that’s super fine because that’s part of
my job is to listen, so here goes just a brief past to fast forward
future about me.
For many years now I have always been interested in nature’s way
and how it interacts with us as humans, as a natural form of
I would often find myself looking at an alternative approach when
our daughters would present a grazed knee and would often reach
for the Lavender or the tea tree, when they were growing up, lets
not forget our extended family of the dogs bless them, and our two
horses, who would often and still do have various forms of nature
put onto them, from essential oils to herbs (with an added guidance
now from my husband who is also a wild flower man) the list is
Anyway in between all of that was my light bulb moment I wanted to
learn more and more about Complementary medicine and the
therapies that evolved from them and from that my Sunflower
Meadow journey began.

Over the years I studied more and more continuing to build my
knowledge along the way.
When I am working it never ceases to amaze me just how beneficial
a complementary therapy treatment can be.
There are so many benefits that are gained from having just a little
bit of mother earth put back into us albeit from an aromatherapy
treatment Indian head massage to a musculoskeletal treatment
where someone has been carrying a chronic condition for a long time
all of my treatments, in their own way all come under one umbrella
for me and overlap and complement each other, as pain can create
emotions and emotions can create pain.
Our body’s can hold on to so much of life’s stresses, we all know
that, even dealing with a lovely “lockdown grey roots hair scenario
me included” can be one of them!!!!
On a serious note I feel extremely passionate about my work and
hope this reflects through-out all of my treatments here at Sunflower
Look forward to seeing you all

Complementary Healthcare Practitioner (MFHT)

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