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First treatment £50 - 60 Minutes

Follow up treatments £45

First treatment £65 - 90 minutes

Follow up treatments £60.00

Is a treatment that uses natural plant extracts, these are called aromatic essential oils and are used to medicinally help with the health of your body, mind, and soul, and can enhance both your physical and emotional  well-being. Some issues these oils can be used for include:


Sleep related problems

Anxiety & Stress    


Headaches & Migraines     

Some pain issues

Skin related issues

Menopause and PMS related conditions​

And many more............

Advance Clinical Massage:

First treatment £55 - 80 Minutes

Consecutive treatments- £50

a treatment given to help alleviate, some acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, which can be painful, debilitating and often cause a restricted range of motion. These treatments work with the tissue and muscle together using a myofascial and trigger point therapy, helping to alleviate those painful areas and give a more flexible feeling to the restricted site.

The therapies will include treatment stretches, and after care advice sheets with further stretches and exercises to help with your home rehabilitation, up to 6 sessions are usually advised for this therapy. ACM can be given to help with certain musculoskeletal conditions including:

Rotator cuff injuries

Tennis elbow                                   

Carpel tunnel syndrome


Headaches & Migraines

Piriformis syndrome and Sciatica problems

Knee pain                                                       


Plantar fasciitis

And many more conditions...........



Swedish massage:

First treatment £45 - 60 Minutes

Consecutive treatments £40

First treatment £60.00 - 90 minutes

Consecutive treatments £55.00

Promotes relaxation by helping to ease muscle tension, this therapy connects with the soft tissue of the body, helping to increase oxygen and encourage nutrients to them which can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.  The benefits gained by receiving this treatment would help to reduce:


Improve blood circulation

Muscle Tension

Promote relaxation to the mind body and soul


Indian Head Massage:

First treatment £40 - 40 Minutes

Consecutive treatments £35

This is a seated treatment that includes the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. These are the areas that can be mostly affected by stress.

The affects of this therapy can be felt through-out the mind and body, and may help:

Increase joint mobility

Increase flexibility in the neck, and shoulders

May improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow

May free knots of muscular tension

May relax connective tissue

May aid in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste product

Increase energy levels

Scalp condition

Mandibular Joint Tension

Gift Vouchers available for all of the above treatments, please contact me for more details.

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